New Professional Laser Permanent Hair Removal Expert with LED Technology for Women and Men - Planar LED

What is Planar LED hair removal machine?

Planar LED has high power super emitting LED surface array (12 pieces & 9 pieces of chip) as a light source, crystal guide pyramid shaping and transmission of near infrared beams. Directly act on the subcutaneous, melanin in hair follicles to absorb heat and achieve the best hair removal effect.

  • Japanese & International Patent Technology
  • Chips are designed in the USA
  • FDA & MDD Approved


                          12 pieces & 9 pieces of chip

Technology of Different Types of Hair Removal Equipment

There are many sorts of equipment in the market for hair removal. Firstly, Let’s skim through in brief for few technologies;

Planar LED
The latest hair removal technology, more concentrated surface light energy than laser, more efficient light capture, and comfortable treatment. The narrow wavelength spectrum of 780-850nm is suitable for various skin types and make sure the highest safety. No consumables, one-time investment, unparalleled cost performance.
Fiber Coupled Diode Laser
FCD (Fiber-Coupled Diode) lasers refer to the fact that light generated by multiple diode lasers is coupled into a single-core multi-mode fiber through a microlens array to transmit the light to the target site. Common diode lasers are mostly vertical stacks of lasers with several diode bars arranged in a stack. The laser chip is soldered to the heat sink to convey high result energy.
Diode Laser Technology:
A diode laser machine uses a semiconductor with a wavelength of 810nm to penetrate the skin and reach the melanin in the hair follicle. The energy of the laser obliterates the hair follicles.
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) :
IPL uses light energy to precisely locate and remove pigmented or damaged skin cells or hair follicles. Using a handheld device, doctors direct multiple wavelengths of light onto the skin. This light heats and breaks down cells in the skin. The body then naturally removes the damaged tissue. This is an ancient and common hair removal technique with low energy density and long hair-removal cycles. Light bulbs are consumables with a short and restricted compelling life expectancy.


Planar LED


Diode Laser

Fiber coupled diode Laser

Light Source

LED Chips

Xenon Lamp

Diode laser bars

Fiber coupled diode laser bars


Narrow spectrum 780-850nm

Wide Spectrum 610-900nm

Single Wavelength


Single wavelength 808 or three wavelength (755nm,808nm,1064nm)



5-10K W



Light emitting Area Shape





Pulse lifespan

100 million shots

100000-500000 shots

10million - 20million shots

50 million shots

Operation Mode


Stamp mode



Energy density

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12 J/cm2,


1-40 J/cm2

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12 J/cm2


Cooling water

Normal water

Drinking Water

Special deionized water or coolant

Normal Water

HandleWith regular Maintenance handle has the same lifespan as the machine. No need to replace the handle.Need to change handle or light filterLaser generator is easily damaged, need to replace every 1 to 2 yearsNo Need to change the hand piece
FilterNo consumablesNo NeedNeed to often replace the filter and deionizer or laser generator would damage.No Consumables
Cooling Temperature-15°C to 10°CNo0 to 5°C0 to 5°C

The advantages of Planar LED with current market devices including the above technologies are as follows:

1. Thermal Damage:
The heat transfer path of the Planar LED is very short, the thermal resistance is lower, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher. The Planar LED significantly reduces the risk of overheating fires in other technical equipment.
2. Mechanical Damage:
Due to the chip structure, the stress on the LED chip is smaller than other lasers. The risk of desoldering or breakage is much lower.
3. Optical Damage:
LED Planar has a surface light-emitting surface, resulting in much lower brightness of the LED light-emitting surface. The risk of burning glowing areas is also lower.
4. Chain Damage:
Unlike other lasers, the failure of a single area of the Planar LED chip will not affect other light-emitting areas. Therefore, Planar LED have no risk of chain damage.

Which benefits Clients will get from Planar LED Hair Removal Machine?

With LED hair removal equipment, your clients will get the following benefits:

 Quick results:
Most clients can see permanent hair reduction in approximately 3 to 5 sessions.
 Accuracy for Skin Type:
Planar LED use near infrared light with wavelength 780-850nm, which is mainly absorbed by melanin in hair follicles, has a wide spectral range, and can be applied to more skin tones from type I to type VI, including dark colors skin.
 Painless Treatment:
Planar LED has the most cutting edge technologies which offers painless procedure and does not cause any significant discomfort.
 Shorter Time:
The shorter the treatment time, the more clients will be treated with the equipment. The treatment time depends on the speed, power and spot sizes. Clients are able to save time as the each treatment session lasts only approximately 25 to 30 minutes.
 Long-lasting solution:
Most users can verify long-lasting results with Planar LED hair removal. Some may need correctives, but are easy to maintain over time..
 Automatic After sales service:
Planar LED has advanced parameter setting, alarm recording and log functions. With energy calibration function, precise energy is calibrated at each energy level, making precise treatment possible. With wireless internet connection, convenient after-sales service is provided without any hassle.

Planar LED Hair Removal Treatment:

 Side Effects of Planar LED Hair Removal Treatment:
Planar LED doesn’t have any side effects. The machine effectively removes all hair types including thick hair, medium hair and fine hair. In any case few patients experience swelling or redness applying ice on skin will minimize the discomfort.
 Planar LED Hair Removal Total Treatments are required:
Typically 3 to 5 sessions at an interval of individual’s appointed professional
recommended duration for significant hair reduction.
LED Planar Hair Removal Recovery Time:
Planar LED Hair Removal has no downtime after each session.
LED Hair Removal Pros and Cons:
While fostering a treatment plan for patients, it is essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons. The benefits of Planar LED are many such as removal of undesirable hair in a gentle way, no discomfort and no downtime which enables users to return normal routine life immediately. The longer wavelength enables targeting hair and deep penetration in the skin. Large areas can also recover faster with it’s bigger spot sizes. Whereas on the other hand, Planar LED hair removal device has to be operated with only trained professionals.
Who could perform Planar LED Hair Removal Treatments?
Worldwide renowned skin clinics which offer advanced cosmetic treatments, use Planar LED series as their professional laser hair removal machine to perform permanent hair removal. Trained professionals, preferably certified dermatologists should operate the machine following protocols and while taking all the necessary precautions.



The Advantages of Planar LED Hair Removal Machine for Individual’s Business:

Investing in Planar LED hair removal equipment can add substantial value to one’s business. The clearest advantage is the chance for higher deals and benefits. As the entrepreneur have a laid out client based, it can take as soon as to receive the rewards. More current business can expect a profit from speculation faster than other equipment.
As the Planar LED is Unique technology, can invigorate the client's brand and permit to arrive at a more extensive section of the client that most probable need the services while retaining the existing clients.


Planar LED is extremely beneficial for achieving desired aesthetic and clinical effects in a large number of dermatological concerns.
Traditional hair removal strategies like waxing, sugaring and electrolysis is time consuming, tedious and painful. In this way Planar LED is the reasonable champs concerning flexibility, speed and accuracy.
Adequate training could carry out the procedure and yield the most ideal result. Significant hair removal is noted after a full treatment session without downtime.
With the accessibility of cutting-edge hair removal technologies,there is huge chance for professionals and business visionaries to make a productive venture and fill in a need on the market.
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