What is Cold Plasma Technology?

Cold Plasma Mode

Cold, or non-thermal plasma is a low terperature plasma with fantastic surface treatment, cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy. A cold plasma is a plasma that exists in a state of non-equilibrium. In contrast to a hot plasma, the temperature of the electrons is a cold plasma is some two orders of magnitude greater than the tempearture of the ions and molecules, whose temperature is roughly ambient. The result is that these plasmas can exist at as low as 30°C! In fact, they are completely safe to touch!

How Cold Plasma works on skin?

Non-ablative cold plasma treatments are the emerging trend for non-invasive and painless plasma-based skin rejuvenation. Aside from reducing the risk of side effects and downtime associated with ablative treatments, non-ablative plasma treatments use controlled plasma-containing energy to targeted skin areas without damaging it. The generated energy, or activated ionized gas, is emitted to the dermis skin layer in micro-pluses, triggering the body's wound-healing response to promote new collagen growth.

Benefits of non-ablative cold plasma treatment

1 Reduced surface-level skin bacteria & harmful microbes

In the past breakthrough experiment, a mere 2-minute treatment of cold atmospheric plasma was seen to decrease 40% of the bacterial load in plasma-treated wounds, regardless of the species of bacteria.

Skin cleaning, acne skin with inflammation, allergic dermatitis, and eczema treatment.


2 Soothes irritated skin and help improve sensitive skin

3  Increased absorption of vital skincare ingredients

Plasma technology instantly activates the epidermal cells of the skin with high amounts of energy, which increases the skin's hydrophilicity. Enhances the absorption of active ingredients.

4  Refines pores and overall texture

Improve skin texture and tone: rough skin, large pores, greasy skin, skin resurfacing.

5  Visible anti-aging results

Active nitrogen and oxygen ions can easily pass through pores and enter the deeper layers of skin, catalyzing the regeneration of fibroblasts. This stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles caused by photodamage and aging. Additionally, plasma technology boosts cell turnover to strengthen skin elasticity, and to improve uneven skin tones and pigmentation.

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