Laser Hair Removal

What is Hair Removal?

With the age increasing, hair removal become a aesthetic concern in both men and women. Leaflife uses its owned innovation technologies offer a safe, effective solution for permanent hair removal Whether you have light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Now 810nm Fiber coupled diode laser Fiber HR series have become the most popular hair removal technology in the world, its stability and low cost for consumable characters let market drop bar diode laser gradually.
But international patent technology Planar LED is the latest hair removal technology, safe and highly effective for hair removal, even the dark skin.

Planar LED Series

World's First High-power LED Hair Removal Machine

FDA Cleared | Patent Technology | Next-Generation

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Fiber HR Series

Fiber-coupled Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipments

FDA Cleared | 1200W/2100W | Triple Wavelengths

Triple Wavelengths
Single Wavelength