LED hair removal technology

LED hair removal use high-power super-emitting LED (Planar LED Series) array (12 or 9 pieces of chip) as a light source, crystal guide pyramid shaping and transmission of NIR beam, act on the subcutaneous, melanin in hair follicle absorb heat, to achieve hair removal effect. Japanese and International Patent Technology

LED Hair Removal Advantages:

1.Long lifespan and high stability

Up to 100 million shots and 5 years’ expected service lifetime(less than 10% failure and 20% power attenuation), without any consumable. Stable performance, low malfunction rate, no downtime. Very easy maintenance and after sales services. Low running cost, but high return on investment.




Why LED light source’s lifespan and stability is much better than diode laser and IPL?

2.Reasonable light wavelength and spectrum

Planar LED use near infrared light with wavelength 780~850nm, little absorbed by skin tissue and vascular etc., but mainly absorbed by melanin in follicle, so hair removal is highly effective.
Light spectrum has width, so can apply to more skin colors including dark skin.

3.Excellent surface emitting

A Evenly rectangle spot with nice consistency, energy is uniform, no painful feeling during treatment. Surface array light source, lower max. local brightness, no harmful to human eyes though direct watch.

B Planar light emitting area, uniform rectangular spot, and the light’s divergence angle is small to 15°, easily penetrate into skin, very deep penetration depth, deep hair follicle also can be treated.

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