Facial Aqua Oxygen Jet Peel Machine

Applications: Deep skin clean, Sensitive skin improvement, Anti-aging, Acne treatment etc.

  • Professional technology: Innovative Aviation technology HAAI, High pressure atomization penetration
  • High absorption rate: 10 times’ adsorption of normal smearing cosmetics
  • Smart design: High class appearance and easy operation way
  • Comfortable treatment feeling: No pain, No skin damage, Fresh treatment feeling
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High-pressure atomization introduction technology is adopted, the aerodynamics and nano-molecular fusion are innovatively applied in this machine, and the ultra-fine, ultra-high-speed high-voltage radio frequency method can realize the nutritional hydration of the skin dermis without harming the epidermal cells. Totally say goodbye to imaginary skin care and epidermal skin care. Jetpower utilizes most professional parameters’ design, high-pressure jet opens the skin natural channel, to achieve flow stripping and expansion injection, so that the nutrients and trace elements needed by the skin penetrate into every layer of the skin, increasing the way of giving nutrients to the cells.

Working principle

Painless and Non-invasive Transdermal Injection Technology
The world’s first aviation technology, high pressure jet principle

Needle-free injection pressure up to 8 bar
Airflow booster liquid flow speed up to 340 m/s (subsonic)
Special nozzle blasts the liquid into a 5-20μm droplet flow (molecular grade)
High pressure jet opens the skin’s natural channel
Achieve the dual role of fluid stripping and expansion injection
Injection depth 0.4mm to 2mm can be controllable

Epidermis “Brick Wall” Structure

Brick: Keratinocytes prevent loss of moisturizing factors and maintain the skin a stable hydration state.
Mortar: Lipids (nervonic limbs, fatty acids, cholesterol) in the keratinocyte space, normal barrier to maintain skin stability.
Role: moisturizing, maintaining skin barrier function
Disadvantages: general cosmetics can’t enter traditional brick wall structure

Technology Comparison


Strong penetration: High-pressure jet principle to feed nutrients into the dermis, more direct moisturizing.
Safe:Non-invasive penetration, no rash, swelling and other adverse reactions, no down time.
Deeper treatment and more application:The small molecule particles directly penetrate into the basal layer, the nutrients are directly connected, the hydration can lock water, and the different skin problem are applied different cosmetics to solve.



Injection pressure8 bar
Injection speed340 m/s (subsonic)
Penetration depth0.4mm-2mm
Liquid size5-20μm molecule
Screen8inch LCD
Machine size58*30*87mm
Net weight25kg

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