Multi-functional CO2 laser

Golden Standard of Skin Renew by Ablative Way
Ultra-shot pulse multi-functional CO2 laser system

The latest generation of ultra-short pulse CO2 laser technology is currently the world’s most popular medical aesthetic technology, using the nice water absorption characteristics of 10600nm laser, combined with its ultra-short pulse (200µm)and small spot (0.12mm), which has a rapid and significant effect of ablative treatment, but also minor side effects and short recovery time advantages of non ablative treatment, also can be equipped with ultra-short pulse ablative hand piece, small spot fractional scan hand piece for scar, fractional scan hand piece for epidermis carburetion and beam expander scan hand piece for skin tightening, provide most effective treatment and improvement for epidermal neoplasm, wrinkles, acne / hyperplasia / atrophic scar, loose skin and photo-aging skin.

Working principle

The equipment emit 10.6µm laser by fractional scan way, formed a burning zone in the epidermis by laser dot matrix and interval, each laser dot can be composed of single or more high-energy laser pulses, laser dot acts dermis and form a conical hole, has vaporization, solidification and carbonization effect on biological tissue, close cell blood vessels, reduce bleeding phenomenon, the high energy laser also stimulate the renew and reconstruction of tissue collagen, contraction of conical holes tight postoperative skin, make skin more delicate, white, smooth and elastic.

Core advantages

  1. Peak power: glass tube and metal RF tube laser can be optional, the maximum output power is 60W under ultra-short pulse mode.
  2. Shortest output pulse width: 200us under r ultra-short pulse mode.
  3. The minimum spot diameter : scar repair hand piece’s minimum focus diameter is 0.12mm, ensure the operation of normal organization, reach the deepest level, but maximize the stimulation of scar tissue regeneration.
  4. Computer control pattern generator, precisely adjust treatment scope (multi-shape optional), density, depth, energy and frequency etc. to complete personalized treatment.
  5. The original patent C02 laser skin tightening technology, utilize the water absorption character and heat conduction of CO2 laser light, so make the heat penetration depth in skin is much deeper than IPL, can effectively heat the dermis, contract collagen fiber, stimulate collagen renew, enhance skin elasticity and improve skin relaxation.


CO2 laser for vaginal treatment

CO2 laser has perfect water absorption character and thermal utilization ratio, act on the vaginal mucosa layer and muscle layer, reached 50-70ºC high temperature in controllable tissue depth, stimulate fibroblasts renew, remold damaged collagen and elastic fibers, thicken the vaginal wall, tighten the vaginal, enhance compactness, sensitivity and lubrication significantly, which is currently the world’s most popular vaginal anti-aging but non-surgical technology.

Treatment process

Clinical effect

  • Nice effect: Renew vaginal mucosa and repair elastic fiber net, greatly improve compactness, sensitivity, lubrication and immunity.
  • Non-invasive, non-painful and short recovery time: No any anaesthesia and painful feeling during the treatment, just some warm feeling. Whole treatment just need 30 mins, no any down time, can have sex after 5 days.
  • Long lasting effect: The heat effect is deep and strong, long lasting time can reach 2 years.
  • Certificated and recognized technology: FDA and CE passed technology and application, there are 600,000 successful cases in the world, can be rest assured the effect and safety.

Technical parameters