LeafPure Echo- The Pure Picosecond Laser Solution

LeafPure-Echo is a remarkably innovative dual wavelength picosecond laser with both non-fractional & fractional capabilities from Leaflife. LeafPure-Echo’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the pigmentation into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

Utilized four technologies ensure excellent laser beam;
Laser generation-transmission optical path integrated design;
Short Pulses & High Peak Power for Optimal Results;
Two output modes;

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Brief Introduction

Have it both ways 532 nm & 1064 nm non-fractional & fractional picosecond laser. Dual wavelength picosecond fractional module resolve for pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and toning.

With the non-fractional modality, treat a wide range of tattoos. 2 wavelengths to treat all tattoo colors & types, including recalcitrant tattoos.

Fewer treatments; Better results; Safe; Minimal discomfort; Highest peak power; Shortest pulses; High peak power delivers energy over a broad range of spot sizes. Short picosecond pulses allows energy delivery with minimal risk of side effects.

Proprietary LeafPure technology has optimal flexibility to adjust wavelength (1064nm & 532nm), beam delivery, energy, spot size and repetition rate for completely customizable treatments.

Exemplary performance Integrated in a proven, reliable LeafPure platform. Optimal flexibility for optimal results Adjust wavelength, energy, spot size and repetition rate to treat all skin types. Scalable Robust design enables future application developments.

Ergonomic handpieces Featherweight handpieces and articulated arm mean improved user comfort over large treatment areas and long treatment days. Large spot sizes Customize treatments with a broad range of spot sizes. Large spot sizes for faster coverage and the depth of penetration needed for some targets.

Linked user interface Dial it on the handpieces, see it on the screen. Easy to use Streamlined guided mode user interface virtually eliminates a learning curve. Fits any office environment Medium sized, mobile from room to room. Fast initiation time Ready to use in less than 2 minutes. Low running costs, LeafPure pulse-on-Demand ensures ultra-long flashlamp life.

 Enhanced treatment safety due to avoidance of bulk heating using the homogenizer. Top-hat beam profile minimizes epidermal damage, tissue textural changes and the occurrence of scarring.A lack of an homogenizer might result in hot spots within the beam and increased risk of scarring.

Advanced Technology Design

Utilized more technologies ensure excellent laser beam

Enhanced treatment safety due to avoidance of bulk heating using the homogenizer • Top-hat beam profile minimizes epidermal damage, tissue textural changes and the occurrence of scarring • A lack of an homogenizer might result in hot spots within the beam and increased risk of scarring.

The near-field spot of a laser is generally better than that of the far-field. The beam transmission is controlled by the lens, so that the near-field light spot is directly imaged on the skin surface, so that the best quality light spot directly acts on the skin, the light spot is uniform, the energy is soft, and the edge is clear.
The beam transmission is controlled by lenses and diaphragms, high-order stray modes are filtered out, beam quality is optimized, and spot shape and beam divergence angle are improved.
The conventional outputs of Q-switched lasers and sub-nanosecond lasers are linearly polarized light. Linearly polarized light has different optical properties in different directions, which is not conducive to stable and consistent treatment and harmful on laser protection (such as the change of the shape and intensity of the light spot with the rotation of the arm and handpiece, etc.). At the output end, the linearly polarized light is restored to circularly polarized light by an optical element, which is beneficial to eliminate these adverse effects.
For different modes and levels, the discharge current and pulse width are precisely adjusted to generate the laser with the highest efficiency, low carbon, energy saving, and it is conducive to the continuous operation of the equipment and prolongs its lifespan. Taking the QP mode as an example, compared with the conventional SCR discharge, the highest level reduces the energy injection by 26%, and each level reduces the energy injection by 29% on average.
The fiber-pumped microchip laser is used as the short-pulse "seed laser", and the short-pulse laser with larger energy is obtained through multi-pass amplification. It has the advantages of good beam quality, stable energy, long lifespan, high reliability and high peak power. (Compare with SBS compressed form)

Laser generation-transmission optical path integrated design

Integrated design of laser and optical transmission system (light guide arm, handle, etc.), integrated optimization, so as to achieve the optimal system (beam quality, spot uniformity, energy stability, lifespan, etc.).

Short Pulses & High Peak Power for Optimal Results:

LeafPure-Echo’s unique, proprietary mode of action has high peak power and short pulse durations for demonstrated performance and comfort. LeafPure’s ultra-short pulses enable the strong photoacoustic impact needed to fracture pigment particles using lower fluences, for clearance in fewer treatments.

High Peak Power Means Greater Efficacy

The high peak power of the 450 ps pulse of LeafPure-Echo delivers 4.5 times more photoacoustic effect than the 750 ps pulse of other picosecond devices. The 750 ps pulse delivers a more photothermal effect, since it does not have high peak power and must deliver the energy over a longer period of time. This excess photothermal effect can lead to potential side effects.

Two output modes:

Output one laser pulse per shot, used for pigment therapy.

Dual pulse output, outputs two independent laser pulses per shot, for enhanced pigment therapy.

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LeafPure-Echo Specification

Laser Type
Nd:YAG   /   SHG Nd:YAG
1064nm  /  532nm
Max. Energy
500mj   /  300mj
Pulse Duration
450ps  /  420ps 
Peak Power
1>1GW    /  >600MW
Spot sizes
2-10 mm
Repetition Rate
1-10 Hz
Delivery System
Articulated Arm with Zoom handpiece
User Interface
10.1 inch FHD TP
Mainframe SizeL816*W360*H740mm
Arm SizeL750*W50*H150mm
Power Requirements

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