The First Fractional and Cold Plasma Platform Device in the World - MjoInir Pro


Leaflife Mjolnir Pro is the ultimate solution for comprehensive face and body rejuvenation! With its advanced multi-electrode plasma technology, this innovative device surpasses all fractional beauty technologies.

  • Technology Innovation of Cold Plasma;
  • 100% Replacement of Fractional Laser and RF;
  • Trusted by Clinics & Salons All over the World;
  • Free Marketing & Training Help & Top ROI;
  • Best Solution to Rejuvenation & Tightening Loose Face, Eye, Neck Skin, etc. without Surgery


What is cold plasma technology?

More about Leaflife Cold Plasma Technology, click this:

Cold Plasma Technology

The difference between Leaflife fractional plasma and plasma pen?

Leaflife Fractional Plasma Device – MjoInir Series is upgraded from Plasma Pen.

For normal plasma pen,it`s current excitation is performed at a lower frequency, and the plasma column has poor directivity and low power.
Single plasma’s treatment needs much longer time, the handle and energy are difficult to control, un-even treatment depth. and dots’ consistency is poor, so more dangerous and bigger damage risk to skin.
While fractional plasma can make up above defects,the energy is higher, dots and energy are distributed more evenly to make sure better treatment effect. 1-25 dots on the screen can be chosen to meet target place accurately, much easier and faster operation.

Is Plasma a laser, Can we use ordinary beauty salons?

Of course it can be used in beauty salons. Plasma is not a laser. It is not a medical technology and has low risk. It does not require an operator to require a doctor’s license, so ordinary beauticians can also operate it after full training and knowledge.

What are the main applications?

Improve skin texture and tone, eyelid treatment, wrinkles, anti-aging, scars

What does the treatment need to take care?

Anesthetic cream should be applied if doing the high energy level treatment. Need take care of skin after operation.

What is training?

The machine is easy to operate, all users could follow up the manual; Any further operating inquiries, photos, and videos support could be conducted.

Do you have a certificate, Do you have a medical CE certificate?

Our company has ISO13485 system certificate, and then this equipment has CE certificate. Medical certificate is in application period.

Can you provide a training certificate?

Of course, we can provide training certificates issued by our company to customers who purchased machine.

How many treatment times should be done for a patient?

3-5 times / course of treatment, the treatment times depend on the different situation. (For details, please refer to operation manual)

Do you support OEM/ODM?

We support OEM/ODM, but that depends on order quantity. You can talk to sales for details. Usually don’t support this service to one set order.