Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

The kind of beauty treatment aims at help the consumers to look as young as they feel and renew as well as rejuvenate young face appearance through surgical or non-surgical methods which effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin. It is one of the most popular treatments in nowadays’ aesthetic market. LEAFLIFE offers a variety of different machine that provide skin tightening and skin rejuvenation for all skin types with no downtime and side effects.

Treatment procedures given by LEAFLIFE machine may be different due to invasive or non-invasive therapy and treatment depth. Skin problems like wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, scar, can be cured by non-surgical treatment based on specified facial structure. Smoother, softer skin and a more youthful appearance will not be a dream any longer. With more treatments, the effects will be more significant through improvements of pigmentation spots such as darkening skin, freckles, chloasma, and age spots.

LEAFLIFE machine works on skin, stimulates fibroblast to product new collagen and elastic fiber, which can enhance skin elasticity. Meanwhile, photothermal effect strengthen blood vessels’ function to improve microcirculation and skin’s immunity and resistance, then achieved effects like skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, pore shrinkage, etc. Satisfaction will follow just after one time treatment. Face will become more tight than before. Skin tone and texture is improved a lot with wrinkles turn into thinner.