Cold Plasma Technology

What is Cold Plasma Technology?Cold Plasma ModeCold, or non-thermal plasma is a low terperature plasma with fantastic surface treatment, cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy. A cold plasma is a plasma that exists in a state of non-equilibrium. In contrast to a hot plasma, the temperature of the electrons is a cold plasma is some two orders

Fractional Plasma Technology

What is Fractional Plasma Technology?Fractional Plasma uses the needle-shaped plasma column to release micro-electrical discharge or ARC to treat a fraction of the skin surface at a time, which reduces downtime.Fractional Plasma ModeNormal Plasma ModePlasma is the fourth state of matter along with Solid, Liquid, and Gas.The principle is to ionize gas in the air

LED hair removal

LED hair removal technology LED hair removal use high-power super-emitting LED (Planar LED Series) array (12 or 9 pieces of chip) as a light source, crystal guide pyramid shaping and transmission of NIR beam, act on the subcutaneous, melanin in hair follicle absorb heat, to achieve hair removal effect. Japanese and International Patent Technology LED

Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

What is Fiber Coupled Diode laser Hair Removal Technology? FCD(Fiber Coupled Diode) Laser means the light generated by multiple diode laser are coupled into a single-core multimode fiber by microlens array, in order to deliver light to the target place. Fiber-coupled (also called fiber-integrated) diode lasers have several advantages: The light exiting the fiber has a

810nm diode laser

Technology history Brief introduction of Laser Depilation v Theory of laser depilation—Based on the theory of selectivephotothermolysis theory v The first laser type applied to depilation— ruby laser, approvedFDA certification in 1995. v Alexandrite laser, long pulse 1064nm v Diode laser for depilation v —- 810nm diode laser by stampoperation v —- Sapphire cooling painlessdiode


HIFU &Focused Ultrasound Ultrasoundis a form of vibrational wave. It can transmit harmlessly through livingtissues, and this makes it possible to use an extracorporeal source ofultrasound for therapeutic purposes. If ultrasound beams are focused andsufficient ultrasonic energy is concentrated within volume while they propagatethrough tissues, the temperature in the focal region may be raised to