Vaginal Care

1, Health improvement
Loose vaginal, no pleat in vaginal wall, prolapse vaginal, low strength vaginal muscle; Gynecological inflammation; Uterine cold
2, Bad sex process and feeling
Because of vaginal problem caused by pregnancy, aging or not health sex etc., induce low sex desire, dry vaginal, painful feeling or low sex pleasure and low excited feeling during sex process; damage sex quality and couples’ love
3, Black skin area on lady body
Caused by pregnancy, hormone, and not smooth metabolism etc., black vulva, armpit and groin, need restore original skin color; improve lip and areola color pink.

Main technology comparison:

1, RF
Deep operation to muscle level, can’t treat mucosa layer, too dry feeling of vaginal after treatment.
Too deep operation, happened accident case, induce vaginal tissue sticky, dangerous and high safety risk
3, Compared with popular 2940nm Erbium laser and 10600nm CO2 laser
The water adsorption to 2940nm Erbium laser is 10000 times.
The water adsorption to 10600nm CO2 laser is 1000 times.
But the water adsorption to 1550nm fractional laser is just less 100 times, so its penetration depth is deepest, until smooth muscle and fibrous layer, the result to tighten vaginal is best.
CO2 laser is totally invasive technology, painful treatment, need anesthetic there is scab and long term restore time, high pigment risk after treatment.

Special treatment handle to outside vaginal, 1550nm fractional laser happen micro-blasting to skin pigment by heating effect, accelerate metabolism and mucosal regeneration, vaginal skin become more pink and soft. Vulva is more sensitive with higher moisture. Reduce wrinkles of the skin outside vaginal, more tight, smooth and fresh.
Heating can kill bacterial inside vaginal, anti-inflammatory, warm uterus, improve gynecological health.